Pachacamac Ruins Tour

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During the 200´s a sacred city was built in Peru, a ceremonial center in honor of the god creator of the universe. Temples made out of mud that reached the skies in a connection between the earth and the spiritual world. A land of energy, a sacred place. The Oracle of Pachacamac was the most important ceremonial center for the early andean cultures. The god of tremors, Pachacamac, ruled nature, winds, rain and time. The Citadel of Pachacamac was the most important ceremonial center in antique Peru. Place of temples and priests, a connection between the empire and the gods. The Inka himself traveled from Cusco to the central coast to consult his future. Consulting the oracle required high spiritual and body awareness. Meat, salt and sex were forbidden for months in preparation to speak to the priests. Touring the Citadel of Pachacamac offers a panoramic rout of palaces, temples and pyramids. We'll enter Temple of the Sun, the main temple of Pachacamac, located on top of the Citadel. Enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and feel the energy of this amazing site.

Tour duration:  4 hours.
Includes: Transportation, entrance fees and guide.


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